Criss Cross

In these days of  modern and fast transport ,the secretary of the Donkey Union has decreed that I must use  a donkey as my mode of transport to travel the Serpentine Road.
This means I cannot take my kitchen sink so that I can make sustenance when needed, I cannot take my art materials or indeed my sewing machine….. Wait I may be able to sneak some of these materials in the carrier baskets- shhhh don’t tell ! If my donkey, Criss Cross sees these baskets he may yet decide not to be a beast of burden. Yes and true to his breed he can be cross at times- but he is reliable and a worthy companion to criss cross the serpentine lands.


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Hello world!

I have opened a new blog where it is my intention to write a little more seriously than on my other blog. I am a textile artist who travels a great deal, it is how I earn my living.


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